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Impactful Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Classes and Yoga Teacher Training Program 
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Life Is Too Short


You know you want to help pre & postnatal people find grounding and community through yoga but you’re lacking the technical skills and aren’t sure exactly how to move forward. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options and have more doubts and questions than answers. But, when you focus on your intuition, not your doubt, you can imagine yourself as an amazing, impactful yoga teacher for pre & postnatal people.
Does this sound Familiar? WE GET IT.
Become A Certified

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Online

(with Ongoing Support & Coaching)
85% of women will have a baby in their lifetime and they are looking for yoga teachers like you to teach them, ground them and empower them.

When you join MOGA®, you will gain access to a life changing program that includes industry leading education, live coaching and ready
 to use materials.

Once you complete your online, at your own pace program, you will be a Certified Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher. You’ll be ready & confident to start teaching yoga to pre & postnatal people ASAP without spending a lot of money or feeling like you’re doing it on your own.


  • There are many yoga trainings offered but not all of them are at the same level. The MOGA® Prenatal training was exceptionally well presented, well researched and the teachers are natural educators. All the material was practical and useful. I recommend this training to EVERYONE - in a heartbeat! I'm so excited to teach prenatal yoga because of the MOGA® class style and structure. This is exactly what I've been looking for.

    Lacey Hook

  • I had been teaching yoga for many years when I found MOGA®. Although I had years of experience teaching, I never felt confident when a pregnant student walked into my class. Now prenatal classes are my favorite classes to teach and I’ve never felt more confident in my specific knowledge and skills.

    Heather McFarland

  • You know, when I became a yoga teacher I wasn't really sure what that was going to end up looking like. It felt like a calling, something that I needed to do and I was just going to trust my gut for as long as I could. One of the things I was shocked at is how frequently pre & postnatal people are kind of left alone. That they'll figure things out and that they should just automatically know what to do... But that's so not the case. To be able to understand a person's body when they're going through pregnancy and know that I'm giving them advice that will help them for years to come. It's incredible! In my town, I'm now the expert where all the pregnant yoga people come to and I could not be happier.

    Jessica Hill

  • I first signed up for the MOGA® teacher training program because it fit my crazy full time working mama schedule and I loved the idea of being able to go at my own pace! I quickly learned that the training was not just convenient but thorough. The videos are really helpful and bring the material to life. There is a strong focus on safety and anatomy, but in a way that is easy to understand. There is an abundance of marketing materials, ready to go sequences, business tips and coaching calls. I love that I can access the training through an app on my phone - what’s more convenient than that? MOGA® is creating a really amazing community of Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teachers. 

    Tasha Taniea


Julie McCoppen
MOGA® is where pre & postnatal people go for yoga & the place yoga teachers learn to teach them.
At MOGA® we know what it's like to want to make an impact but lack the technical knowledge, skills, and support. This often leaves yoga teachers with self-doubt and unsure of how to move forward. What we’ve discovered is the feeling doesn’t go away until you take action towards your dreams. You owe it to yourself to move past the doubts and questions and towards the impactful yoga teacher you’re 
meant to be.

That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience teaching yoga to pre & postnatal people and running pre & postnatal focused businesses and created a yoga teacher training program that has helped yoga teachers in 8 different countries become powerful pre and postnatal yoga teachers with on-going access to a community, support, and ongoing guidance.
How It Works.
Step 2
After learning what there is to learn about pre & postnatal anatomy, experiences, experiences and yoga, you’ll be ready to complete TWO final multiple choice exams and then receive your world recognized certification. 
Step 3
Find the joy and fulfillment that comes from making a lasting impact on the lives of pre & postnatal people. You’ll be able to quickly set up and fill your classes with the premade marketing and business materials and start confidently teaching using our 8 detailed ready to teach sequences. 


Bit Different...
...you won’t only learn about pre & postnatal anatomy, physiology and sequencing. And you definitely won’t only learn the basics and then be left 
wondering “what now?”

You’ll learn how to make a lasting impact on the lives of the pre & postnatal people in your community; You’ll learn all of the anatomy, physiology, asana, sequencing, etc… AND the things that will set you apart from the rest; how to be racially inclusive, how to mother the mother, how to recognize mental health concerns, how to integrate baby and how to create validating communities for pre & postnatal people.
When you finish this program, you will be more than just an average prenatal yoga teacher - you will be a true, confident and knowledgeable leader.
You Will Be A World Changer
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