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Moms + Yoga = MOGA®. MOGA®  helps build safe and accessible yoga classes for pre and postnatal people around the world. At MOGA® classes, pre and postnatal people find connection, movement, and validation.


Our mission is to help pre & postnatal people find accessible community and movement through yoga. We look forward to the day where there is a MOGA® class for every pre & postnatal person, in every city, worldwide. 

Of course, our mission would not be possible without the amazing world-changing leaders aka MOGA® Teachers who are making the lives of the pre & postnatal people in their communities better every day.


Connection At MOGA®
We are the bridge connecting pre & postnatal people to their communities and yoga instructors to their purpose.

Mothering the mother
MOGA® mothers our yoga teachers. They mother their students. Their students mother their children.

MOGA® Certified Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teachers are world changers. We’ve placed a heavy focus of our training on how to make a real impact on pre & postnatal people on and off the mat.


MOGA® was born out of a single mom's desire for connection. MOGA®’s Founder had just had a baby and couldn’t find a supportive, inclusive, and validating space to connect with other pre & postnatal people; so she created one. She began teaching out of her Midwife’s office but quickly couldn’t meet the demand.

…So, then she trained more teachers
…Then she got a team
…Then she got a studio

She soon realized that even with the team, the teachers, and the studio she wouldn’t be able to meet the huge gap in service she was seeing. So the MOGA® program was born.
5 years later, MOGA® classes are in 8 countries. More pre & postnatal people are finding connection and movement and more yoga instructors are finding their purpose.
Our Promise

To our program students:

At MOGA® we know what it's like to want to make an impact but lack the technical knowledge, skills, and support. This often leaves yoga teachers with self-doubt and unsure of how to move forward. You owe it to yourself to move past the doubts and questions and towards the impactful yoga teacher you’re meant to be. 

That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience teaching yoga to pre & postnatal people and running pre & postnatal focused businesses and created a yoga teacher training program that has helped yoga teachers in 8 different countries become powerful pre and postnatal yoga teachers with on-going access to a community, support, and ongoing guidance. 

We WILL help you become the impactful yoga teacher you’re meant to be for pre & postnatal people and we won’t ditch you as soon as you’ve finished the training - we’re here for the long haul with you.

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