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YOGA Teacher

For Moms
This is the next step to being the passionate yoga teacher you dream of being. We will be your guide to getting there.
Start teaching Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga
Feel confident teaching prenatal and postnatal women
Feel supported for the rest of your teaching career with lifelong access to the program and weekly coaching
Become the go-to prenatal & postnatal yoga expert


How it would feel to have the confidence, knowledge and ability to make a HUGE impact on moms with 
your yoga gifts?
It might look something like this...
You feel more confident and fulfilled than you’ve ever felt when thinking about your teachings. You know you’ve found your passion as a helper for moms.

You regularly get referrals from other yoga teachers and care providers. You even get tagged in Facebook groups whenever there’s a prenatal topic. Why? Because you’ve become a recognized expert in your community.

You have your pick of studios to teach at and have been able to lovingly let go of the 10 different classes you were teaching per week so you can focus on what you love most; teaching moms.

You help moms feel empowered and grounded and know you are making a difference every time a mama leaves you a glowing review or sends you a thank you message after birth.

You are becoming who you were always meant to be.


So Can You.
  • There are many yoga trainings offered but not all of them are at the same level. The MOGA® Prenatal training was exceptionally well presented, well researched and the teachers are natural educators. All the material was practical and useful. I recommend this training to EVERYONE - in a heartbeat! I'm so excited to teach prenatal yoga because of the MOGA® class style and structure. This is exactly what I've been looking for.
    Lacey Hook
  • I had been teaching yoga for many years when I found MOGA® Although I had years of experience teaching, I never felt confident when a pregnant student walked into my class. Now prenatal classes are my favorite classes to teach and I’ve never felt more confident in my specific knowledge and skills.
    Heather McFarland
  • I first signed up for the MOGA® teacher training program because it fit my crazy full time working mama schedule and I loved the idea of being able to go at my own pace! I quickly learned that the training was not just convenient but thorough. The videos are really helpful and bring the material to life. There is a strong focus on safety and anatomy, but in a way that is easy to understand. There is an abundance of marketing materials, ready to go sequences, business tips and coaching calls. I love that I can access the training through an app on my phone - what’s more convenient than that? MOGA® is creating a really amazing community of Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teachers.
    Tasha Taniea
  • You know, when I became a yoga teacher I wasn't really sure what that was going to end up looking like. It felt like a calling, something that I needed to do and I was just going to trust my gut for as long as I could. One of the things I was shocked at is how frequently moms are kind of left alone. That they'll figure things out and that they should just automatically know what to do... But that's so not the case. To be able to understand a woman's body when she's going through pregnancy and know that I'm giving them advice that will help them for years to come. It's incredible! In my town, I'm now the expert where all the pregnant yoga Moms come to and I could not be happier.
    Jessica Hill


When You Join You'll...
When you join MOGA®, you will gain access to a life changing program that includes industry leading education, live coaching and ready to use materials.

Once you complete your online, at your own pace program, you will be a Certified Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher - ready & confident to start teaching yoga to moms ASAP.
We don’t just train you and leave you. When you join the MOGA® program, you’ll get weekly live coaching calls that you’ll still have access to long after you finish the program.
Online learning can save you money and time & is more accessible and safe.
To be a successful and impactful prenatal & mom and baby yoga teacher, you need more than the knowledge; you need 
good sequencing, themes, music AND the marketing to get people in the class. 
At MOGA® we will: 

1) Train you on how to do all of the above and 
2) Give you pre-made sequencing, marketing and business materials so you can focus on what you love most.
Feel Confident


With unlimited and lifelong access to your MOGA® program, coaching & teachers, you can always have the right answers to the questions that come up even after you’ve completed the program. From how to adjust a sequence for pubic symphysis dysfunction to modifications for diastasis recti and anything else that comes up.

We continuously update and add to the program so that you can always access the most up to date and 
reliable information.
The days of being taught and abandoned are over. We’re not that easy to get rid of ;)


You might think that what makes this program really special is that…
… It’s online & at your own pace

… You’ll get 4 live coaching calls per month

… It provides business & marketing training and materials

… We don’t just train you and leave you; long after you’re done your training, you; still have access to your teachers, bonus trainings and the entire program

…. Or maybe you think it’s special because of the brand name that fills classes
And you’d be right. But we think the what really makes the MOGA® program different from every other pre & postnatal teacher training is...
...that you won’t just learn you how to teach a 60 minute yoga class to moms. 
You’ll learn how to make a lasting impact on the lives of the moms in your community. 

You’ll learn how to feel confident and knowledgeable so you can be the grounding presence moms need. You’ll learn mother the mother, how to recognize mental health concerns, how to hold space and how to become the sought after prenatal and postnatal expert.
When you finish this program, you will be more than just an average prenatal yoga teacher - you will be a true, confident and knowledgeable leader.



Once you register… You’ll get instant access to your program, teachers and community.
Here's Exactly What You'll Get:
100+ page training manual
12 hours of video lessons
Written lessons to work through at your own pace from the comfort of your home
Assignments and reflections to test and deepen your knowledge
A worldwide recognized certification to teach prenatal & mom and baby yoga
Bonus trainings with guest experts in the private FB community
Weekly live video coaching calls
Unlimited support and guidance: Ask all your questions, and get as much help as you need throughout the program and after you graduate. For as long as you are teaching pre & postnatal yoga, we'll be here so you never have to go it alone
Lifelong access to the program, coaching and support
65 Yoga Alliance CEUs
Time Saving Bonuses:
Premade Marketing Materials - flyers, social media posts and more are all done for you
Class descriptions & a pricing guide
Templates for communicating with studio owners about your offerings
8 pre-made sequences and class planning template
Music playlists to use in your classes
Money Saving Bonsuses
Release of liability template
Subcontractor agreement template
Free business listing on the MOGA® website
Nothing To Lose


With hundreds of teachers certified all over the world, we know we can fulfill every promise we’ve made to you on this page and we’re willing to bet on it.

If you’re not happy with the quality of this training program or not satisfied for any reason, we will fix it. We promise.


Setting up for success & what to expect
Understanding Pregnancy, Birth & Fetal Development
Anatomy, physiology and common experiences
The Breath, the diaphragm and pelvic floor
Prenatal asana, sequences, cueing, modifications, class planning & more
Postpartum body changes, strengthening the core & pelvic floor and cueing for the postpartum woman
Introduction to the Postpartum Period & emotional experiences
Postpartum modifications & sequencing
Creating the complete mom and baby experience & integrating baby in yoga
Pre & Postnatal Mental Health with RCC
Practicum classes; watch lead teacher & guest teachers recorded classes
Teaching from a body neutral lens; How to support your students experiencing the harmful effects of diet culture
Teaching online
Marketing 101
Business 101
Recommended reading
Get certified; multiple choice exam & recorded class submission


65+ hours of videos, coaching, written materials and more from experts in over 8 fields of study.

Experts include pelvic health physiotherapists, pre & postnatal yoga experts, pre & postnatal fitness experts, midwives, registered clinical counselors, ND’s, chiropractors, doulas and more.

You will not find a more comprehensive and supportive prenatal & mom and baby 
yoga teacher training.


Yoga teachers across the world are using this MOGA® Certification to teach in studios and online. It is ALL you need to get out there and start helping moms.


Each MOGA® Program Teacher was picked for their extensive knowledge and teaching ability. They have all come together to create a program that will help you help 
moms on and off the mat.
Your teachers include pelvic health physiotherapists, pre & postnatal yoga experts, pre & postnatal fitness experts, midwives, registered clinical counselors, 
chiropractors, doulas and more.


15 years ago Hannah discovered an incredible, life changing love; a love of yoga and of teaching. Fast forward to today and she has taught thousands of students for thousands of hours, trained for hundreds of hours and refined her art of teaching yoga. She is the proud Co-Founder and Lead Instructor of MOGA® Moms, where she teaches other yogis how to find the success, passion and happiness she has by sharing their gifts with moms.
Julie McCoppen, Co-Founder and CEO of MOGA® Moms is an expert in holding space for yoga teachers and the moms they serve with their MOGA® classes. Through her years running mom focused businesses - she’s seen first hand the lack of accessibility for expecting and new moms to access yoga. Although 85% of women will have a baby in their lifetime, only a very small percentage of yoga instructors know how to safely teach them. At MOGA, she is helping change that by sharing her extensive knowledge about motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, business and of course; pre & 
postnatal yoga.
Dr Amanda Stevens is a developmental chiropractor. Her entire practice focuses around thriving child development, starting in-utero. She has extensive training in pregnancy and pediatric care, on top of three hard-earned academic degrees. Dr Amanda owns a perinatal and pediatric center. She believes yoga has a huge potential to positively impact a woman’s journey to motherhood.  As a community, we must strive to provide the safest and most beneficial guidance for our 
expecting moms. 
Melissa is passionate about sharing core and pelvic floor information from a physiotherapist point of view through pregnancy. New moms make up a significant percentage of her caseload, where the focus is on learning to connect with the pelvic floor and reminding it how to work as a teammate to the other deep core muscles. Melissa frequently blends her techniques with yoga because the breath is a great way to connect with the ever-important core system, and the breath is key for labour 
and delivery.
Anne-Marie Cayer has been working as a midwife for 10 years and attended somewhere around 2,000 births. She's worked in Canada and overseas, including Eastern and Western Africa, attending births at home and in hospital. She is a mother to two girls and owns and operates a midwifery practice in British Columbia, Canada. Birth is truly her passion.
Kris is a birth and postpartum Doula who supports women continuously before and through childbirth and mentally/emotionally in the early weeks after birth. She is passionate about sharing her years of wisdom and experience with us. When mothers connect to their true selves and little ones, the real magic and world change begins. Her own 4 children, yoga practice and other mothers continue to inspire her on a day 
to day basis.
Deandra Dey is a Certified Clinical Counsellor with a specialization in pre and postnatal mental health and body image. She brings her clinical experience as a Counsellor as well as her experience as a mother, yoga teacher and meditation teacher to create a comprehensive module for MOGA® students to learn how to recognize and support the mother’s they meet in their yoga classes.

Sage Thomas is an Indigenous Birth Worker, breastfeeding educator and an advocate for equality in care and birthing rights for indigenous families. She is currently residing and practising in her traditional unceded territory of Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc (Kamloops BC). She is using her experience and knowledge in indegenious equality to help prepare MOGA® teachers on how to create safe spaces for all mothers.


For You?
Yes, if you’re a yoga teacher that wants to help moms through yoga. You have the ability to make a huge impact on the lives of the women in your community. With 85% of women having a baby in their lifetime, they need more yoga teachers like you.

Yes, if you want to save money and time by learning online and get lifelong access to your program. Online learning can be an amazing growth tool. How cool is it that you can learn from your home without paying for travel, hotels, childcare, etc.. and come back to your program anytime you need a refresher?

Yes, if you want the business and marketing materials already done for you. Maybe you’ve taken a teacher training in the past that gave you the knowledge and technical skills to teach, but not enough knowledge and tools to fill the class or get hired at a studio. With MOGA® you’ll get both.
Yes, if you’re passionate about being a helper, advocate and leader for moms. You are in the right place if you want to become a safe and helpful person for pregnant and postpartum moms.

Yes, if you want 1-1 coaching and support. We do not train you and leave you. Your teachers will support you with live video coaching calls and on demand support to make sure you never feel alone.

Yes, if you are ready to have a well paid, fulfilling teaching job where you can set your schedule, know your value and feel confident walking in to any class.
How It Works
Step 2
After learning what there is to learn about pre & postnatal anatomy, experiences and yoga, you’ll be ready to complete a final multiple choice exam and submit a mock teaching video. You’ll receive personalized feedback and then receive your world recognized certification.
Step 3
Become the go-to yoga teacher for moms
Find the joy and fulfillment that comes from making a lasting impact on the lives of moms. You’ll be able to quickly set up and fill your classes with the premade marketing and business materials and start confidently teaching using our 8 detailed ready to teach sequences. With our on-going support, lifelong access and continued weekly coaching calls... you’ll never 
feel alone.
It's Time To


You can keep wondering what it would be like to teach pre & postnatal yoga or you can take action for yourself and the moms in your community by becoming a MOGA® Certified Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher.


Do you offer a payment plan?
We need yoga in hard times. To help you get out there and reach the moms that need you right now, we’ve created our most affordable payment plan options ever. Choose between a 3 month, 5 month or 8 month payment plan.
Do you offer refunds?
If you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason, we will make it right. Guaranteed. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can rest assured you’re safe with MOGA®.
I’m not sure I’m ready to do this. How will I know?
The fact that you’ve made it to this page tells me a lot about whether you’re “ready” or not. To be ready for this program you simply need to have the desire to teach pre & postnatal women or want to learn it for yourselves. We teach you everything else.
I’ve signed up for teacher training in the past and didn’t feel supported past the training. How is MOGA® different?
We have been there… multiple times. That’s why, when we wrote down our dreams, hopes and wishes for this program, we made sure it would do more than train teachers and then leave them. We wanted this program to show teachers exactly how to execute what we’ve taught. We’re happy to say we’ve helped hundreds of yoga teachers successfully run and fill classes through our on-going support, lifelong access and weekly coaching calls.
What if I’m too busy for this right now. How much time is this going to take out of my week?
One of the best parts of the MOGA® program is that it was designed with busy moms in mind. You can start when you want and take as much time as you want to complete the program. The MOGA® team will track your progress and check in with you if you’ve been inactive for 60 days - but only to see if there’s a block you’ve reached that we can help you overcome. On average, MOGA® students take about 3 months to complete the program. It is possible to complete it in as little as two weeks or as long as a year (or more).
Are there any prerequisites to taking a MOGA® instructor program?
No, there are no prerequisites to this program. We teach and certify you to confidently and safely teach prenatal and postpartum people. If you’d like to teach others or would like to be registered with Yoga Alliance, then you will need additional training.
What happens after the training?
This is the fun part; you get to start creating community! You will be a Certified MOGA® Teacher able to start teaching right away using the premade sequences, waivers, marketing materials and more. You will have lifelong access to your program and weekly coaching calls.
How much business support do I get?
The program includes:
- Weekly coaching calls for program support, teaching questions and business troubleshooting
- Access to an online support group of like minded teachers
- Business and marketing training
- All the business AND marketing materials you need (it's kind of like a business in a box)
Are the programs Yoga Alliance accredited?
Yes! You can register this training with Yoga Alliance and be credited with 65 continuing education hours.
Do I have to be a mom or have giving birth to teach prenatal yoga or mom & baby yoga?
Not at all. To be a great prenatal & mom and baby yoga teacher, you simply need to have compassion, patience and a 
desire to help.
Are there any live portions of the program?
Yes! Your program will include 4 live coaching calls a month. These live coaching call components are optional for those who would like more engagement and more support. If you chose to only complete the self-guided program, you will still be able to complete your certification.
What certification do I get upon completion?
Upon completion of the program, you will be a Certified MOGA® Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher. Yoga teachers around the world are using this certificate to teach prenatal and postpartum mothers.
Is there a final exam?
The final exams consists of two components; a filmed video(s) of yourself teaching and two multiple choice exams. Upon completion of those components, you will receive your certification.
Is the pricing in CAD or USD
All prices are in USD. We also have three payment plan options, 3 month, 5 month or 8 months.
Is the program recorded or live?
The bulk of the program videos are pre-recorded. You will have the opportunity to engage live with your teachers during the weekly coaching calls. In addition, the program includes written manuals, exams, assessments, written materials and live 
bonus trainings.
Do you have to start the day you buy?
No and isn’t that amazing? Many MOGA® teachers are moms themselves and appreciate the flexibility of being able to move through the program at their own pace. Although there is no official start date, you will gain access the day you purchase the program. The MOGA® Instructors and team will follow up with you regularly to support and encourage you.
Can you complete this training while pregnant?
Absolutely and many do!
Is it at your own pace?
Yes! We know that life is busy and a flexible training schedule will allow you to fit your training in without sacrificing family or teaching time.
Is it all online?
Yes, you can become a pre and postnatal yoga instructor all from the comfort of your own home. With a combination of 4 monthly coaching calls, a private Facebook community, video and written content, our online training programs are just as effective and engaging as the in person trainings you might be familiar with.
Do you need your 200-hour yoga teacher training first?
No, you do not need to have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in order to become a MOGA® Certified Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher.
Can I register as an RPYT upon completion of your program?
Completion of our program does not allow you to register as an RPYT with Yoga Alliance. We are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and our programs count for 65 Continuing Education Units.

You will be a Certified MOGA® Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher and have all the knowledge and skills you would need to teach this demographic ASAP.

We can assure the MOGA® certification is sufficient to confidently, safely, and effectively teach pre and postnatal students. There are MOGA® Certified Teachers teaching in studios all around the world.


Investing in becoming a Prenatal & Mom and Baby Yoga teacher will help you actually earn more while you enjoy the fulfillment of following the path you’re being called to.

One Time Payment of $797 USD

*3/5/8 month payment plan options

You Will Get:
Comprehensive curriculum
Worldwide recognized certification
Study at your own pace
Online & mobile app
Live coaching calls & unlimited support
Pre-made sequences, class information & class planning templates
Pre-made business & marketing materials
Yoga Alliance Accredited